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Interested to join us? Check out our ongoing project and postgraduate oppotunities. This list contains the research topics offered by ASIVR Group. Please find out more if interested and email the named supervisor for any enquiry.

Supervisor Title Level of Study
Ir. Dr. Zamri bin Mohamed

1. Vibration comfort characteristic study of passenger car seat.
2. Condition monitoring of electrical motor and pumps.
3. Combined vibration and noise effect to vehicle occupants.
4. Vibration and Acoustic analysis of engineering components.
5. Statistical energy analysis of components in engineering assembly.
6. Development of Impedance Tube for Acoustic Absorption Measurement.

Master and PhD
Dr. Mohd Shahrir bin Mohd Sani

1. Structural Dynamic Analysis of Car Exhaust System
2. Structural Dynamic Investigation of Motorcycle Chassis (Project collaboration with Modenas)
3. Dynamic damage assessment of Laser Spot Welding Dissimilar Plate (Al 6061, Al 7071, AZ31B)
4. Identification of nonlinear vibration of engineering flexible structure
5. Noise mapping of automobile radiator system with different type of coolant.

Master and PhD


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