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Welcome to the Real World of Virtual Engineering


Welcome to ASIVR

The Advanced Structural Integrity and Vibration Research Group is formed in 2011 with a vision of becoming a leading research group in vibration & structural integrity area, particularly in the oil and gas sector. The ASIVR undertakes both fundamental and applied research projects and specializes in vibration, machine and structural dynamics, material fatigue and integrity. The ASIVR has established local and oversea research partnerships from universities and industries.



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Our Research Collaborators:

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Written on 27 July 2012, 08.13 by ghaffar
virtual-instrumentation ALIASING EFFECT     ASIVR embarks on the development of virtual instrumentation system which includes acquisitions, analyses and files playback...
Written on 23 March 2012, 11.31 by ghaffar
frf-and-fea-modal-analysisFRF Modal Analysis  Modal analysis is a process of determining the dynamic characteristics (modal parameters) of a given structure, namely the mode...
Written on 23 March 2012, 11.01 by ghaffar
odsOperating Deflection Shape Analysis (ODS)   Operating deflection shape analysis is a measurement process of determining the motion of a structure while...
Written on 23 March 2012, 07.51 by ghaffar
dynamic-design-verificationDynamic Design VerificationMost individual rotating machine undergoes dynamic design verification (DDV) to primarily keep the natural modes of vibration...


Written on 03 April 2013, 11.50 by khalid
Written on 20 May 2012, 18.53 by zairi
Written on 04 May 2012, 14.06 by Padzly
Written on 30 April 2012, 16.38 by zairi


Written on 18 March 2012, 10.20 by khalid
objectives   1. To promote global interaction and exchange of new knowledge and technologies for the purpose of research, development and financial and...
Written on 18 March 2012, 10.13 by khalid
scope-of-research  Dynamic design  verification Virtual instrumentation Coupled Fluid Structural Interfacing (FSI) Condition based monitoring and...
Written on 16 March 2012, 17.22 by khalid
about-us      Objectives   Scope Of Research   ASIVR Flagship   Directory
Written on 14 March 2012, 16.47 by adminump
contact-usFor more information, please contact Advanced Structural Integrity and Vibration Research Faculty of Mechanical EngineeringUniversiti Malaysia Pahang...


Written on 16 May 2012, 21.49 by ghaffar
Written on 20 July 2012, 07.24 by firdaus
Written on 23 July 2012, 13.00 by msazali
Written on 23 July 2012, 11.37 by fairusham
Written on 19 July 2012, 11.50 by khalid
Written on 12 August 2012, 06.26 by fadhlan
Written on 23 June 2012, 13.59 by ghaffar
Written on 26 May 2012, 21.34 by ghaffar
Written on 25 July 2012, 07.55 by Padzly
Written on 19 July 2012, 16.01 by miminorazean


Latest Message: 1 year, 9 months ago
  • ghaffar : Salaam all members of asivr. Missing you people.
  • Hatifi Manso : new message for march 2013...
  • msazali : salam.. selamat tahun baru 2013.
  • ghaffar : We have successfully developed our own pressure transducer for teaching labs. Congratulation to all involved.
  • firdaus : Congrats Mr Padzly
  • miminorazean : Salam, congratulations to Mr. Padzly on your newborn.:)
  • msazali : Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri semua.
  • Alex Ong : Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all ASIVR members!
  • ghaffar : Salaam, Ucapan Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri kepada semua geng. Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum
  • ghaffar : And also Meeting on Wed at 2pm to prepare report for this weekend management meeting in KT.
  • msazali : Salam, don't forget! Fundamental of vibration Class : Tuesday 10am - 12pm (CEO) Discussion : Thursday 2pm - 4pm (CHAIR) Venue:Discussion room of ASIVR
  • miminorazean : Happy Iftar for all ASIVR members. It's been 5 Ramadhan already..how time flies.
  • zairi : salam Ramadhan for all ASIVR muslim members.. =)
  • ghaffar : ASIVR is still waiting for 6 more members
  • ghaffar : ASIVR still waiting for articles from 10 other members
  • khalid : Dear all, pictures during signal processing training on 3 - 4 July 2012 can be view at gallery
  • ghaffar : Please show our corporate video to John(VC)
  • ghaffar : Try YouTube, Sia
  • s_noroozi : I would like to submit a blog with some video footage of impact synchronous prosthetic test. can it be done?
  • s_noroozi : makes me proud to be linked to you all.
  • s_noroozi : I ove the video.
  • s_noroozi : The VC scholarship deadline has come and gone.
  • s_noroozi : He everyone. Long time no news. I am still waiting to recieve some PhD proposals and applications.
  • khalid : thanks Prof Ghaffar..at last can manage to include video on our website
  • ghaffar : Nice job on the corporate video, Khalid
  • ghaffar : You are most welcome Mimi
  • miminorazean : Thanks for all of ASIVR members for sharing your knowledge in our 2 days Signal Analysis course. Special thanks to Prof Ghaffar for guiding us here.:)
  • msazali : Day 2 of SIGNAL ANALYSIS COURSE
  • ghaffar : SIGNAL ANALYSIS COURSE 3 - 4 JULY 2012 is ON. Please contact any of ASIVR members if you wish to participate.
  • ghaffar : Salaam All, kindly prepare your progress of CoE submission for Wed meeting
  • firdaus : tomorrow, 21 June 2012
  • firdaus : On behalf of ISVR, off to Dungun for promoting postgraduate study at UMP..
  • Hatifi Manso : from final to psm report..never stop
  • zairi : Hello Prof.. =)
  • Hatifi Manso : Hello prof Sia..
  • ghaffar : Hello, my Man
  • fairusham : Hello Prof Sia
  • msazali : Hi Prof Sia.
  • s_noroozi : Greetings everyone.
  • ckenizwan : Alhamdulillah..Thanks Prof
  • ghaffar : Congratulation to Che Ku for successful application of RDU grant
  • miminorazean : Noticed a nice picture attached at the objective :) should put more pics..hee
  • miminorazean : Salam all,
  • ghaffar : EXAM TIME, Good Luck to all Lecturers
  • nurazima : and also open table.
  • nurazima : Congratulation Dr. Fairusham..don't forget to bring back souvenir..heee
  • nurazima : Not at FKM until this Friday (1/6/2012) for Research Methodology Course at Gambang.
  • ghaffar : I would like to extend my congratulation to Dr. Fairusham for his successful viva voce. More will follow from this group, insyaAllah
  • ghaffar : Well done for all involved in developing the website. I think the faculty is impressed.
  • Hatifi Manso : khalid already send my cv..sorry
  • khalid : thanks to sazali and imran for sharing session today.
  • ghaffar : FH, I think the unit is good.
  • firdaus : Prof G, check your email. I sent you something..
  • msazali : Thanks to Ong, Khoo, Kong and Burn for knowledge sharing during fieldwork @ optimal. Looking forward for next job!hehe
  • ghaffar : A bit about our Islamic School «link»
  • khoo : Thanks ASIVR group for organizing the retreat trip, gain a lot of ideas through the knowledge sharing session. Appreciate!
  • Alex Ong : Special thank to imran and sazali for the helps in Optimal project. Looking forward to working with you guys.
  • Alex Ong : Thanks ASIVR for the knowledge sharing session @ Colmar!
  • zairi : Thanks Prof. We'll bring ASIVR brand all over the world.. InsyaAllah.. =)
  • ghaffar : Well done Che Ku, Fadhlan and Zairi
  • mimran : to Burn,Ong,Q2T - thank for the guidance during the Optimal ODS and Bump Test fieldwork (looking for offshore job pulak)
  • ghaffar : To Benima Engineering and Q2, thank you for your financial contribution towards making the Colmar meeting a success.
  • ghaffar : Syed, Ismail, Ong, Khoo & Kong, Thank you for your sharing of knowledge with the ASIVR during our Meeting at Colmar.
  • ghaffar : Hello there
  • s_noroozi : Hi everyone I am demonstrating this site one of my colleagues.
  • s_noroozi : Greetings everyone. I miss malaysia.
  • s_noroozi : I have the match funding for a PhD. Would it be possible to see if you can generate the same from UMP.
  • s_noroozi : Dear Ghaffar
  • ghaffar : I've Submitted proposal to VC on the Joint Supervision.
  • ghaffar : Hi Sia,
  • firdaus : Hi all..
  • s_noroozi : This is a demo to Philip
  • s_noroozi : Hi Philip.
  • s_noroozi : Prof. Thompson Please check this site and let me know if such a shout box would be useful for quick daily communication between Medical engineering research team.
  • s_noroozi : Hi Sir. I am showing this to one of my PhD students and I am sure he will use it.
  • ghaffar : Hi Sia, Glad to hear that you have arrived home safely.
  • s_noroozi : Hi I am showing this site to my colleague Mihai, to encouage him to use it.
  • s_noroozi : I will be visiting this site everyday as from now on and will encourage people in my team to do so too.
  • s_noroozi : Hi I am back in UK now. Thank you for your support while I was there. I look forward to working with you.
  • s_noroozi : Dear all
  • ghaffar : Khalid, can you upload photos taken at Colmar to the gallery.Thanks
  • khalid : At download section,student and public can download file
  • khalid : hello team,any article under list of articles categories can be view at article top menu
  • ghaffar : Visit me at: «link»
  • khalid : Kindly please try our FORUM
  • zairi : hello prof. have a safe journey back to UK. Hope we can meet you again in BU hopefully.. =) thanks for the knowledge sharing..
  • s_noroozi : Hello everybody, thank you for everything. See you soon in UK
  • khalid : Hi team,please use this shoutbox to message among members

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